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At the Well Retreat, we believe in holistic health and wellbeing. We want to offer a wide variety of therapies that allows you the opportunity to draw on the knowledge and expertise of our therapists. 

This means we will provide different complimentary therapies so that your mind and body is able to find a balance, wholeness and wellness. 

Reflexology is form of complimentary medicine which is incredibly relaxing and revitalising. We offer feet and facial reflexology. This modality of therapy believes that each part of the foot and face corresponds to different parts of the body. The therapist can stimulate the body relaxation response and bring a balance to the body systems by massaging different zones of the feet. 

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Are you looking for a treatment that invites you into deep relaxation, rest and balance? 

Our reflexologist Michelle, is ready to receive you in our treatment room to help you achieve what your mind and body needs. 

Michelle specialises in reflexology, she is passionate about her subject, always learning and adding to her knowledge. 

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