28/04/2018 – Spring Yoga with Alicia Roscoe


An energising afternoon of  yoga flow, combining yoga twists, backbends with aromatherapy oils.

This workshop will run at the Well Retreat on

Saturday  28th April 2018 2pm-3.15pm

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Hooray! Spring is coming! The is the time of year that flowers are beginning to peep and birds start singing. Its time to wake up, shake-off the winter, stretch, create space and energise the body!
For this Spring-themed yoga pop-up we are going to build energy with a yoga flow and then contain and harness the energy to keep us . We will also use yoga twists to detox, backbends to energise and aromatherapy to promote the detox. The workshop will be a physical celebration and honouring of the Spring. 

Here is a little about our lovely instructor, Alicia

“I have been teaching yoga for four years and I can truly say that it is my passion to share this beautiful ancient, healing practice. Yoga has helped me so much and I hope more than anything that it will bring peace and light to your life too. Whether you are completely new to yoga or have a regular practice I would love to assist you with your yoga journey. I got into yoga in my mid-twenties when I was a lawyer in London and found the pace of life and work very stressful. I struggled at times to find meaning in my life and what I was doing. I found my one hour a week on the mat gave me strength, courage to be myself and search for joy and light in life. In a way I never looked back, in 2012 I left conventional work to become a yoga instructor. My passion is helping people whatever their story and their aims with the classes. You might just be looking to tone up and increase fitness in your body or perhaps you are looking to establish a meditation practice, I can help you! “


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