18.11.18 – Self-Care Sunday Candle lit yoga


Sunday 18th November
Candle lit yoga with restorative poses, meditation & relaxation
6.30pm  – 8.00pm
Collaboration between Alicia Roscoe & The Well Retreat
When was the last time you booked in time YOU TIME?…
If you are still wracking your brain, don’t worry you’re not alone! It can be so difficult to carve out time for self-care.
This session will be an invitation to slow down, find stillness, bond with and honour your body and your beautiful limitless self

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The more time we find to slow down, the stronger and more stable in body and mind we are, simultaneously, efficiency at work and patience at home is elevated. The more we practice mindfulness, the more we begin to feel an all round sense of well-being.
In this workshop, we will connect to our physical bodies with breath awareness, warm up with stretches, followed by a slow yet strong vinyasa flow followed by restorative postures, breath-focused meditation and relaxation.
The space will be warm and cosy and the session guided with music, teachings and readings chosen by Alicia.
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