Qigong with Debbie Moore


Come and join our instructor Debbie for this introductory session of Qigong. Suitable for all people and all ages. Enjoy movement and breath work with the lovely Debbie.



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Exercise can be gentle and relaxing and still have beneficial effects on the body.
Tai Chi Qigong involves performing a set of movements slowly with concentration on the breath and posture. Qi means energy and Gong means practice or work. Pronounced ‘Chi Gung’ it embraces the soft movements seen in Tai Chi, but is actually the calm exercises done prior to practicing Tai Chi.
Known as moving meditation as it helps to relax the mind and the body and improves flexibility, balance, memory, circulation and posture along with many other health benefits.
Suitable for all ages and abilities Qigong can be performed seated or standing.
Come along to this introductory workshop which will give you a basic understanding of the moves and their particular benefits to your health, and a deeper appreciation of how the breath and posture can enhance our well being. A handout with a brief explanation of the moves will be given to those attending along with useful and helpful information to improve your health with this amazing practice.
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