The Secret to Sustained Weight Loss


The Secret to Sustained Weight Loss


Could eating fat be the answer to healthy weight loss?

We have all heard about the “good” and “bad” fats in our diets, but do you know what this really means and how fat can actually help you to lose weight?!

After over indulging over the festive period, join Kylie to learn how low calorie diets may not be the answer to weight loss, but to the contrary, FAT could be the answer!

DATE: Saturday 11th January 2020
TIME: 2pm to 3.30pm 



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The Well Retreat is super excited to be able to bring the very passionate, Kylie Hendrikse back after her extremely  successful and informative talk on gut health.

Fats have got a lot of bad press over the years. Since the 80’s we have been advised by our government and health professionals to eat low-fat and fat-free products because when you eat fat, it gets turned into fat in your body and clogs your arteries.

Does that sound familiar?

And, yet, despite us following this advice, our population is getting fatter and sicker with soaring rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes. What is going so wrong?

In this talk Kylie will cover:

– How dietary fat provides key health benefits that actually HELP with weight loss

– Why restricting calories is not the healthy answer to losing weight

– Why losing weight is harder as you get older

– What should you eat to lose weight?

– Creating a meal plan for weight loss including breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas

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