02.12.18 – Mindfulness Session – Settling the mind


Come and join us for a workshop to learn how recognising and unsettled mind and use mindfulness to bring peace and relaxation to mind and body.

Sunday 02 December 1pm-2.15pm


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Whether you are looking to be more relaxed, peaceful, happy, have more sleep, be more focused, to be connected or just be curious, then we invite you to join us this November to explore mindfulness.

We will allow ourselves to let go of preconceived ideas and be open and curious to these techniques. We will explore Mindfulness through some formal practices and touch on ways to be more mindful in daily life, being aware of our moment by moment experience with an attitude of openness and non-judgemental acceptance.

We will experience a mindful body scan and switch from doing to being and allow our body to experience all sensations, physical, emotional, our thoughts and sensory experiences.

This is not a therapy class but an opportunity to meet our instructor, experience mindfulness, hear more about this therapy and hear about our 8 week course.


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