16/6/2018 – Live Well – Wellbeing Session – Sleep


To start we will begin with a short mindfulness practice to bring your attention to the present moment. Research has shown that by practicing mindfulness before any situation that requires focused attention, it can increase our ability to be attentive and focused.

Sleep is essential to life and not getting enough can have an impact on all areas of our life, and Pattie is passionate about increasing awareness of how important it is for our wellbeing, and what can be done about it.

In this session, we will be cover:

Why we need sleep Biology of Sleep

Why relaxation is important

Top tips to get a good night sleep




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Pattie is a Sleep Practitioner and Relax Kids Coach. Having originally trained as a Nurse and worked in Neurology before then starting a career in Sleep at a charity called Cerebra, dealing with sleep disorders in children with special needs.

She has been a certified Sleep Practitioner for over 12 years, and attends regular training and has links with Birmingham University.

Pattie then went on to train as a Relax Kids coach in 2015 after realising the importance of relaxation on sleep and general wellbeing. Her experience as a Relax Kids Coach has given an insight into mindfulness and relaxation techniques, and she teaches relaxation to all age groups (children and adults).


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