Menopause & Hormones with Dr Hind Al Husain


Menopause & Hormones with Dr Hind Al Husain


Lets talk menopause and hormones

With all the changes and confusing information about menopause and HRT in recent press, we invited Dr Hind Al Husain to join us and share accurate information, so that all women can make an informed decision on how to mange their hormonal journey and so improve their quality of life.

No area of the female hormonal journey will be off limits in this workshop. It is a place to share openly or through questions posted privately into our Q &A box to be discussed openly. Memory loss, fuzzy heads, hot sweats, night sweats, vaginal dryness and more.  This informative workshop with the lovely Dr Hind Al Husain, a hormone expert offering solutions to help alleviate the symptoms of the menopause and so much more.

What is included in the workshop?

Dr Hind Al Husain will discuss the many options available, some new and undiscovered that may be suitable for you.

HRT – do you need it? What is the right way to take it? What is the up to date research and what are the risks? Are there alternatives? Do these work and are they safe? Can I go back on HRT? Been through the menopause and wondering if you can go back on HRT?

Hormones – Do you have to live with the side effects of an imbalance of hormones? Come and find out about different ways to bring balance to the body and relieve some of the symptoms.

Refreshments will be served by The Well Retreat team and a complimentary goodie bag with each lady attending.

DATE 27.09.19
TIME 7PM – 9.30PM (arrive from 6.45)



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Dr Hind Al-Husain has over 18 years experience in clinical practice having trained in Obstetrics & Gynaecology shortly after graduating from University College Cork in 2000. She has delivered over 8,000 babies in her time in hospital obstetrics and gynaecology.

She now exclusively offers holistic gynaecology consultations to address the symptoms associated with hormonal decline or imbalance, and the resulting conditions this can cause in women. Menopause and peri-menopause is the main age related hormonal issue that is addressed in her practice.

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