Free Discovery Sessions - What can a nutritionist do for me?

Saturday 22nd to 31st January 2022

Come and find out how Lucy can help you be the best you can be, whether that is to help digestive issues, optimise what you include in your diet or help with weight management, Lucy can help!

Digestive Health Support (including IBS)

Digestive issues can cause havoc in your day-to-day life – but did you know you don’t have to just ‘deal’ with this? Work with Lucy to evaluate your diet and lifestyle in order to create a plan tailored to identify triggers and ease symptoms.

Diet Optimisation

A healthy, balanced diet can be confusing to figure out, especially with excessive amounts of nutritional nonsense online. All too often we focus on removing foods from our diets – what if the truth lied in the foods we can add to our diets? If you’re searching for a means to eat nutritious, yet tasty, food every day, then look no further!

Weight Management

Weight loss is often overcomplicated when it really shouldn’t be. You don’t need to make drastic changes to your lifestyle… the key is in small, simple yet effective changes which will see you achieving your goals. Whether you measure your success by numbers or simply by how you feel, Lucy will support your journey in a personalised manner. 

Supporting a Plant-based or Vegan Diet

No matter the reasoning behind your choice, be it for health or ethical reasons, it’s crucial you’re meeting your nutritional needs. Switching to plant-based or vegan doesn’t have to be complicated if you know how to optimise your diet. 



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