Managing Children’s Anxiety


We are offering a workshop and a course to support parents and carers of children living with anxiety.

Our full course will run on 16th & 30th March and 6th April, 10am-12pm. This course is run over 3 weeks and gradually teaches parents, evidence-based techniques to manage childhood anxiety. It’s will also provide an opportunity to share and learn from other parents. Why do we teach parents you might ask? Evidence suggests this is the most effective way as parents are experts of their own children.


Free taster

9th March 2019 10am-11.15am

This taster session will discuss the possible causes of anxiety and the fundamentals of how anxiety is maintained.

We will be briefly touching on some of the evidence-based techniques to help manage your child’s anxiety, such as “worry management“, “graded exposure” and “thought challenging

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This course will be run by Vicky, a wonderful friend of The Well Retreat.

Vicky is a Mental Health Practitioner, specialising in providing evidence-based interventions for Children and Young People.

Vicky completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology followed by her Master in Clinical Psychology. After this, she spent a year working in an adolescent inpatient psychiatric ward before completing further studies in providing evidence-based interventions that are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy informed.

Vicky is truly passionate about helping others and believes that helping young people’s mental wellbeing is so crucial as our future is in their hands!

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