Breath for Life – with Declan Clark


The way we breathe affects the way we feel and the way we move. Come and join us for an afternoon with Declan Clark, breath expert, based in the UK and Canada, spends time working with athletes, yoga / pilates instructors, those with breathing difficulties and those looking to improve their physical fitness.

There will be time to ask questions and time to move through a yoga sequence with our new found breathing skills. By the time you finish this workshop you will know how your breath can change your life.

Saturday June 23rd 2pm-3.30pm


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The idea of optimal breathing is to allow our bodies to get the best results from the effort.

Most of us breathe more air in and out than our bodies need. We don’t notice that having any ill effect on us. Professor Buteyko called it, “Chronic Hidden Hyperventilation”.

Many aspects of our daily life cause us to over-breathe, without being aware of it. Breathing should be through the nose and should be relaxed.

When we over-breathe, we lose Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and we need to retain a minimum level of CO2 for many important internal functions. Without that minimum amount of CO2, our body’s ability to take up Oxygen (O2) is impaired.

We need to match our breathing to our metabolic rate, at which point we are no longer over breathing. We could term that ‘Optimal’ breathing.

If we are breathing optimally for our bodies, all of those internal functions dependant on both O2 and CO2 will work better, unless there are clinical or pathological factors overriding their function. Even then, optimal breathing will help attain a functional improvement, however small.

We can all take some steps to improving our breathing, but we must first be aware of it. There are many methods of achieving awareness and many methods of breathing improvement. Each person must find the methods that suit them. If you can hear your breathing and you are not exercising, then it is too much.

Unless your respiratory centre learns to accept an optimal level of CO2, then it is difficult to improve your breathing. Training and practise are required for this.

Better breathing helps metabolism in all body cells, because they all produce CO2 and all need O2.

CO2 is our ally and we can’t survive without it. We have to make it, so let’s not waste it. Breathe only as much as you need to and help your body work as well as it can.
If you or someone you know are not sure whether their breathing is ‘correct’, just ask me.


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