Aroma Yoga – Using Essential Oils in Yoga Practise


We invite you to join us for this informative and restorative session with Caren and Alicia.

15th May 2019



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We will begin our time together experiencing the incredible aroma of organic essential oils. Caren, The Well School Principal will explain how they work and interact with the body, how they can enhance your yoga practise and importantly, how to use the oils safely. Caren will have a range of pre-blended organic essential oils available in the session and will fully explain the benefits of each blend so that you are armed with the knowledge of what your body needs going into your practise.

Alicia will give a brief introduction of yoga and what its purpose and benefits. Starting with a few partner stretches, Alicia will then guide you through a slow mindful flow followed by held yoga poses integrating breathing and meditation practices.

The poses towards the end of the class will all be mat-based and with the use of props to allow full release, the class closing with a guided relaxation. The intention with restorative yoga poses is to work on a deeper level within the body allowing it to restore, heal and the mind to slow down. The movement and meditation experience will be enhanced by Caren’s beautiful oils and aromas.

Whether you are a yogi looking to enhance your practise or a yoga instructor looking to use essential oils safely in your classes, please do come and join what will be an informative and beautiful session of aroma and movement with two instructors passionate about their subjects.


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