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    Complimentary Healthcare for Peri / Menopause

    Who will join us? 

    Owen Jenkins – Acupuncture & Tai Chi

    As a therapy recommended by the NICE guidelines as an effective treatment of menopause symptoms, Owen will present how acupuncture works in menopause, the symptoms of disharmony (eg Yin deficient leading to relative Yang excess resulting in the hot flushes). Owen will demonstrate ear acupuncture and demonstrate how you can work on different points on the body to treat various symptoms to support your self-care plan.

    Lucy Jones – Registered Associate Nutritionist

    My session will be ‘Heart Health in Menopause’. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in women after menopause. Don’t worry – this doesn’t guarantee you’ll experience heart disease! There are multiple lifestyle factors that can be put in place to help reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

    In this session I will discuss:

    • How heart disease occurs
    • Why you’re at an increased risk after menopause
    • Lifestyle factors to help look after your heart health

    Nichola Stuart – Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

    ‘Easing the Transition’

    Nichola is passionate about supporting women to thrive and live a life of love and happiness. Be inspired and nurtured as she shares some insight into how chronic stress can impact our menstrual cycle in peri-menopause and the many symptoms of the Menopause. Nichola will share with you how her work in hypnotherapy allows you to explore your inner fears, phobias and limitations that may trigger unnecessary stress in today’s already overstimulated fast paced world. Much of her work guides you through ways to shift perception and heightened emotional responses that influence how our body responds to certain situations. All of these changes may lead you to experience and respond to life in a whole new way. Exciting and refreshing!

    She welcomes you to enjoy and embrace her ability to bring you a sense of calm, ease and self-love. Nichola will share with you effective and gentle techniques that you can implement into your daily life. Her session will bring a blissful finish as she guides you through a short group meditation. This is a stunning taster of what you will experience throughout her private sessions and will leave you feeling a sense of calm, ease and self-love.

    Caren Benstead – Clinical Aromatherapist & Clinical Pilates

    Caren will share how the power of essential oils and aromatherapy can be harnessed to manage the symptoms of peri / menopause including new research on how Rosemary essential oil increases concentration and reduces mind fog and distraction. During this part of our evening you will get to sample the essential oils relevant to the women in this transition period and also the floral waters that have been used to help Well clients reduce hot flushes, increase restful sleep and bring a sense of calm and ease.

  • The Well Retreat Events

    Understanding My Digestive Health – Community Class

    Do you feel constantly bloated? Maybe you can’t remember the last time you went to the toilet (or maybe you can, and that’s the problem!). Digestive symptoms, whether it’s bloating, urgency, diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence or stomach pain, can wreak havoc on your day to day life.

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