More Than Movement

This week I arrived for my class feeling drained, running on empty wondering how I’d get through the class let alone the rest of the week. So many demands on my time and my energy, I felt there was nothing left for me and my ‘me time’. I should have stayed home on the sofa.

The instructor started the class by bringing awareness to the mind body connection and it was the first time I’d felt my feet on the ground in a while. I started to notice my breathing, I lowered my shoulders, my knees softened.

The group of people in my class, unknown to each other outside of our usual weekly class start to move on our mats, feeling the demands of our day leave our bodies with each breath. As it leaves we start to connect with each other in the moment. It was as if they knew I was empty and they carried me through with their energy, their kindness and hope grew that together we’d make it to the relaxation at the end.

The class is more that just movement, strengthening or postural work, its connection, friendship, a safe place to turn up ‘just as you are’.  All that’s required of me is to come and the vibe of the tribe does the rest.

I walked out taller, with my invisible crown back in place and my ‘Well’ refilled to draw from.

Thank you The Well Retreat

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