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Life coaching.

At the Well Retreat, we believe in the power of our dreams. We also value having a “tribe” that not only cheers us on when we occasionally doubt ourselves, but also to help us be accountable to our dreams and goals. For that we need someone who is unafraid to ask the ‘right’ question in a non-judgemental space to help us take our next determined step. 

Sometimes our confidence dips or we become uncertain of the direction we need to take and Rachel, our life coach has been there to ask the right questions, remind us of our inner power and challenge us in a kind and confidential way that helps us to nurture our dreams. We are thrilled to be able to share Rachel with our community so that you too can take the next steps towards your goals and dreams.

Rachel draws on her many years of experience to offer life and style coaching at the Well Retreat. You will see her popping up to offer fun style workshops but also find her tucked away in the beautiful Rose Room as she guides people through life’s transitions.

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Do you have life goals and are you experiencing self-doubt or have allowed your own or others negativity or expectations to prevent you doing what you were born to do or to be who you really are?

Work with me to access a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space where I ask insightful questions to evoke awareness and responsiblity in you.

Style Coaching combines my coaching experience and love of style with my values about inner beauty and the vital importance of positive body image and self-confidence.

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