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With so many experts and specialists offering holistic and wellbeing services, we do encourage all of our team to contribute to our blog to offer even more wellbeing information for you. If you would like to hear from one of our team or would like to learn about something specific, please do let us know. 

Fuel your morning with 3 simple nutritious breakfasts

I absolutely love breakfast. I go to bed already looking forward to breakfast (In fact – I’m writing this from bed in the evening and …

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Christmas clothes

Which Style Personality will you be turning up with on Christmas day?

Caren and I were having a chin wag about what we usually wear on Christmas day and how the various Style Personality Types might dress …

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Boost you immune system

Supporting your immune system to help it support you

With the number of coronavirus cases escalating day by day, we are left wondering what else we can do to protect ourselves, other than panic-buy …

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Chocolate is good for you

Easter News – Chocolate Is Good For You

For the love of chocolate! It was while I sat in my dining room with a cup of tea that the inspiration for this blog …

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Unicorn dust

A Shot of Magical Unicorn Dust For One

It seems everywhere we look at the moment there’s a quick fix, rapid body transformation, a get-fit-quick fad diet, a tea, tablet or magical unicorn …

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Wellbeing Wednesday – A Mindful Walk

This walking meditation gives us an opportunity to bring our awareness to movement which is so often lost when distracted or when the mind is …

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