Fuel your morning with 3 simple nutritious breakfasts

I absolutely love breakfast. I go to bed already looking forward to breakfast (In fact – I’m writing this from bed in the evening and I’m starting to get excited for the morning already!).

I never knew what to eat for breakfast – was cereal enough? Maybe toast? Yoghurt? Just fruit? Everyone seems to eat so differently at breakfast – so is there a right way?

Truthfully, for some breakfast just doesn’t suit them. And if you find that eating first thing in the morning isn’t for you – don’t force yourself to eat! However, if you’re simply skipping breakfast because you’re trying to ‘save’ calories, then you risk becoming ravenous which could lead to overeating later on! 

Below are three balanced breakfast options which will leave you feeling satisfied and full… meaning you can banish those late morning stomach rumbles! 

Let’s Build A Porridge Bowl

Porridge – many of us probably grew up eating boring, plain porridge which left you wanting to social distance from it as an adult. But porridge doesn’t have to be bland – we just need to jazz it up and we can do that in 5 steps:

  1. Choose your oat – most often the choice is between porridge oats (which are quite small) or jumbo (which, as the name suggests, are larger). Jumbo oats take longer to digest meaning you’re more likely to feel fuller for longer. However, the size of oats you use will alter the texture – so try both out and see which you prefer.
  2. Choose your milk – cow’s or plant-based milk, that’s the question. Cow’s milk is a great source of calcium, which is important for bone health, and also provides some protein. However, not all plant milks are equal. Some plant milks contain next to no protein. Currently, soya milk compares best nutritionally to cow’s milk. Another crucial factor to consider is whether your plant milk has been fortified. Fortified plant milks are crucial to ensure we’re getting a hearty dose of micronutrients. Calcium, vitamin B12, iodine and vitamin D are just a few to consider.
  3. Choose your protein – protein is the most satiating macronutrient, and is also important for muscle growth and repair, as well as forming numerous structural components in our body. Add a spoonful of yoghurt, some nuts or protein powder (the latter isn’t necessary if you don’t want/like it!)
  4. Choose your fat – often demonised, fat is crucial for our health. As a carrier of our fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K), it’s important to ensure we never exclude it from our bowl. Opt for nuts, nut butters and seeds – but remember these are energy dense so it’s important not to go overboard!
  5. Choose your flavour – I’m not about a boring bowl of porridge. Flavour with spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa/cacao or honey. Remember that honey is still a free sugar (which adults should limit to 30g/day)… so be mindful not to drown your bowl with it! 

Let’s Get Toasty

I LOVE toast – I ate a ridiculous amount last Summer (with no regrets)!  Bread receives too much hate as so many of us think it’s going to lead to weight gain – but trust me, bread isn’t the devil! Just like porridge, we can make a balanced yet tasty slice of delight!

  1. White or wholemeal? Wholemeal bread contains more fibre which will leave you feeling fuller for longer. Opt for wholemeal or rye where possible… or even try a sourdough!
  2. What’s your base? Tasty, nutritious choices include yoghurt (hear me out), nut butter, light cream cheese, avocado or houmous. 
  3. Which of your 5-a-day? Whether you choose sweet by opting for banana, berries or apples, or savoury with tomatoes or peppers, this is an easy way to pack antioxidants and micronutrients in!
  4. How are you seasoning it? Black pepper, cinnamon, basil, mint – the list is endless… make the most of herbs and spices!

For some inspiration, why not try toast with:

  • Low fat/0% yoghurt with berries and a drizzle of honey (Trust me!)
  • Nut butter, banana and cinnamon
  • Avocado, tomatoes, poached egg and black pepper

Yoghurt Bowl Heaven

Sometimes it doesn’t get better than a simple yoghurt bowl. You know the drill – let’s build our bowl.

  1. Choose your yoghurt – be mindful of saturated fats in yoghurt. Opt for a low fat or 0% fat natural or greek yoghurt (the latter is slightly higher in protein). However, some people find a full fat yoghurt is more filling – just be mindful of your portion size! If opting for plant-based alternatives, be mindful of the protein content. Whilst tasty, some plant-based yoghurts contain very little protein but can contain a fair amount of saturated fat.
  2. Carb it up – don’t fear carbohydrates! They’re an important fuel source and they taste too good to miss out. Add a breakfast cereal, muesli or granola – but be mindful of added sugar! 
  3. Don’t skip the fruit – packed full of antioxidants and micronutrients, fruit really is marvellous. Be it berries, bananas, apples, oranges or an exotic fruit…your bowl definitely has space for it!
  4. Remember those healthy fats – add a drizzle of nut butter or a sprinkle of nuts and seeds to create that perfectly balanced bowl.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have written this just before bed, because now I’m starving! Let me know which breakfast you try… I’d love to see how you found them!

You can find Registered Associate Nutritionist Lucy Jones (ANutr) on Instagram at @lucy.nutritionn, as well as at her weekly nutrition clinics at The Well Retreat on a Monday evening and Saturday morning. Contact us to book a free 20 minute discovery call with Lucy to discuss working together to optimise and improve your diet and health.

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