Christmas clothes

Which Style Personality will you be turning up with on Christmas day?

Caren and I were having a chin wag about what we usually wear on Christmas day and how the various Style Personality Types might dress this year. Read on to learn more about your Style Personality Group.

Most of us fall into one of five general Style Personalities. You might find that you flow between two or more Style Personalities depending on your mood or your situation. Let’s take a look and you can establish which style personality you will be channelling on Christmas day! 

Style Personality one – The Natural 

  • Feeling comfortable is your top priority
  • To you style should always be fuss free
  • You like a simple uncluttered look
  • You choose practicality over making a statement
  • Natural fabrics are your first choice

You may be wearing jeans and a loose-fitting Christmas jumper alongside a pair of flat shoes or boots. If you accessorise, you’ll be wearing jewellery made out of natural materials.

Style Personality two – The Creative

  • You like to have fun with your wardrobe choices
  • You love modern, bold costume jewellery
  • People admire your brave and daring style combinations
  • Your style is unique, eclectic and unpredictable
  • You often experiment with your make up  

You may be wearing a billowy dress, something inspired by the catwalks in strong contrasting colours, in fabric that glitters or shines. Bold jewellery is a definite, you wouldn’t dream of spending a day without accessories or make up.  

  Style Personality three – The Classic

  • You prefer a timeless look
  • Your style is smart, understated and does not attract too much attention
  • You wear classic shoe style such as the court shoe or the penny loafer
  • You prefer to buy quality over quantity
  • Your look is sophisticated and easily co-ordinated

On Christmas day you may be wearing navy or black tailored trousers. You prefer classic colour combinations. Your top would be light wool, fine cotton or silk. Your jewellery is classic and fine.  

Style Personality four – The Romantic 

  • You love pretty colours like pink and pastels
  • You look details such a ruffles, frills, flounces and appliques
  • You like to express your femininity and value this highly
  • You prefer skirts and dresses to trousers and suits
  • You loved to play dress up games as a child

You’ll be wearing a pretty floral or detailed dress. You adore sequins, pearls and diamante. You’ll be wearing silk scarves or faux fur accessories and ballet flats or Mary Janes on your feet.  

Style Personality five – The Dramatic

  • You like to make a big entrance
  • You love to party and be the star of the show 
  • You’d always rather be over dressed than under dressed
  • You enjoy reinventing yourself and trying new looks
  • You love to have a red-carpet occasion to get dressed up for 

Your hair is bold and well styled. Your outfit may not be practical, this doesn’t worry you as it’s more important to look good. You are wearing bold colours and animal prints. Your make up is dramatic, smouldering eyes and red lips.  

 If you’d like to learn more about your style or learn how to get out of a style rut please get in contact with Rachel our Personal Style Coach.      

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